Imagine a world without:

Long calls to MSP regarding which code to use or what's wrong with that PWE or Rejection... No waiting for that HELD WCB bill you sent 3 weeks ago... No more boring sifting through 600 pages of MSP fee codes, GP4ME or WCB manual. No more collecting overdue private bills

If you love doing any of the above, then high five to you Doc! You don't need me.

But if you....

  • Want to have more time with caring for your patients
  • Want somebody awesome at applying correct fee code combinations to optimize practice revenue
  • Want to make sure that your hard work in the emergency room is properly compensated w/appropriate fee codes
  • Need to delegate someone to do the detective work
  • Value a professional who works as hard as you do

Then contact me by phone, email, text, Twitter or Facebook.
I reply to all enquiries within 24 hours and we can talk about how to optimize your practice revenue and create efficient processes that suits your practice.